1- the Kyra paintings are named after my sister who stayed positive and joyful, although she knew that she had lost her battle against cancer. The experience of Art provides us with a metaphysical - not psychological - reconciliation with our human fate and these paintings are celebrating life - even or because of - our acute awareness of our own mortality.

2- I Land paintings: living and working on an Island  - the daily confrontation with your conscious mind, surrounded, wherever you look, by the vast and frightening depth of the infinite ocean - those deeply subconscious layers underlying your rational behaviour.  The experience of these paintings is meant to integrate your incomprehensible dreams, fears, hope and expectations in your conscious life and to fill you with the ease of contemplation.

3- a lot of the small format paintings can be hanged in free floating groups of trios, quartets, quintets or whole concertos. But they are also intended to be framed and hanged as solos: then they appear with their entire concentrated  energy of their own inner composition, a game of small transparent squares and painted surface.

on the show SENSATION 5 mns :

PARIS 2016 - 2018 

These paintings have the void as the center of their composition

180 x 150
PARIS 2016 - 2018 

Some of these paintings play with the ultimate reduction of colour to pixels and holes, others with wholes as moments of silence in expressive compositions

125 x 150
PARIS 2016 - 2018 

These totally abstract landscapes are constructed with missing parts that  would play an important part (like the sun in a sunset-painting)

catalogue ALETHEIA