in 2019 I moved to the island La Réunion

From the moment I landed, I was under the spell of

the overwhelming energy in every single natural element

How could I compete or at least match with this intensive, unpretentious and solid presence of beauty, in every single rock, in every broken piece of dead coral laying on the beach, in every flower and bush? And how could I do this, knowing that the real question about art is not: what does it represent, but what does it do to me?

How to paint an object that would still not represent anything, so that it could incite the pure experience of its presence?

The first lesson came from the

limitation of the Island

An Island is a place where you enter in an active dialogue with your inner self, it is an I -land, and if you turn around  you will encounter borders,  the seemingly endless ocean, where you would drown, taken adrift by the currents and soon be utterly lost. 

But limitation also means concentration, and an informal painting on a limited area automatically turns into a painting of a totally non-representational, abstract object.


The rational I-land should and could be reconciled with its subconscious and potentially dangerous  surroundings  of dreams and metaphysical uncertainties in the appeasing experience of its own concentrated energy, beauty and light, reflected in the painting he presently observes...

Since a couple of years

my paintings show windows to the other side

These geometrically formed openings rhythmize the composition, they ad moments of silence and of emptiness and they allow a glimpse behind the painting. They are closed by a transparent film that reflects the light and throws a shadow on the wall behind or a puzzle of dazzling patches on the ground in front of the painting.



While contemplating the painting the observers mind will wander from the painted area to the open space and back, and it will engage in an aesthetic experience that has no other meaning than its lively self.

between 2015 and 2022

I developed

a continuous row

 of variations of the same theme

from multi-layered, calm monochrome paintings with big square openings...

... to more dynamic compositions that show the line of the brush, and to the free-style compositions of 'happy paintings"

 small beauties and happy paintings

paintings 2022

paintings 2021

and/or let me guide you through the show SENSATION (french with german ST, 5 minutes)

From 2016 to 2019, I rented a studio in a cultural center in Montreuil, l'espace Albatros, that hosted 2 solo exhibitions (VIVRE, 2017 and LE BATELEUR 2018)


2015 - 2019


just a few memories of the past ...

during the many years I used to live in Vienna (1999 - 2015) returning from 6 years of an artist-life in Moscow, I created not only paintings, but also objects and installations, and I made a couple of performances in the public domain...


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